Friday, June 1, 2018

Add Quality to Your Communication by Verification

While we were in church recently, my son received 3 emails from me. It was about 10:30 am on May 20. We thought the emails must have been delayed in an iPad outbox. The strange thing was these emails were dated May 16, May 4, and April 29. April 29th!

Actually they were not sent through iPad email. They were written and sent using the Gmail app on my iPad.

Gmail is the backbone of my communication system. I have all my business and personal emails organized in folders by subject. The idea that some emails are not delivered or delivered late is very unsettling.

Three weeks ago, my father left a voice mail on my phone. Because of the time of day, I knew it was him, and expected his message. Much to my surprise my iPhone showed not one, but 3 "new" voice messages. His message from that day (May 3rd), his  message from March, and a business message from April. Needless to say, I was mortified that I thought a business contact ignored my call and didn't return it. In fact, she did call and leave a message.

I have had some discussion with my mobile service provider to see if this can be avoided in the future.

Lastly, in April my brother sent me a text with order information. I didn't get it at all so after some back and forth, he resent it.

I have gone through all this just to point out that when you send an email, or text, or even leave a phone message, one cannot assume that communication was received. I have just shown serious examples of system failures.

What can we do to make sure important information is received? With emails, it is helpful if the receiver responds in some way. Just a "got it" will work. Same with a text. A smiley emoji or "thanks."  If a voice message goes unanswered, call again or send a follow-up email or text.

And if you see the person, "Hi! Did you get my email?"

This article originally appeared on my Web Technology blog here.

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