Thursday, June 12, 2014

Twitter School: Retweeting and Notifications


Retweeting is easy with a click of the retweet symbol, but you can personalize a retweet. 

To amend a tweet before retweeting:

 1 - Copy the tweet
 2 - Begin tweet with RT @originaltweeter (RT means retweet)

      Example: to retweet one of my tweets, type RT @pamschodt

 3 - Paste the copied tweet
 4 -Then add your own comment


Under the Notifications Tab there are Notifications and Mentions.

Notifications tell you if you have been retweeted, if someone favorited your tweet, or if you have gained followers.

Mentions tell you if your handle (@pamschodt) has been tweeted.

I hope you’ve found this information on Twitter helpful. Please comment if you have questions, and follow me on Twitter @pamschodt.

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