Thursday, March 2, 2017

The Boomer Generation Spends More Time Viewing Content than Others

If you're in the business of preparing web content, it helps to know your audience. It may be surprising to learn that the generation known as baby boomers
spends more time consuming content than millennials or generation xers. The 2015 United States census reports a population of 74.9 million boomers.

Generations (Years vary slightly with source)

In some ways, boomers view web content the same as others. This means:

  • Facebook is the top platform for sharing content (64%)
  • Videos and images are shared more than other content
  • Article length of 300 words is most preferred
  • Most favorite content types are:
  1. Blog articles
  2. Images
  4. Ebooks
  5. Reviews 

Web viewing habits unique to boomers are:

  • More content viewed between 9-11:59 a.m. 
  • Most common internet access through desktops and laptops
  • Top subjects viewed:
  1. Entertainment 19%
  2. World News    18%
  3. Politics            13% 
  4. Healthy Living  9%
  •  Least favorite content types are:
  1. Memes*
  2. Webinars
  3. Flipbooks
  4. Slideshares
  5. White papers

Keep the above viewing habits in mind when sharing information with the boomer demographic. As a boomer, most of the stats above track my habits. I consume more content during the day than at night. I use both a laptop and desktop computer for ease-of-use. I check social media on my iPad and post tweets with photos from my phone. I veer from the demographic by using Twitter more than Facebook. Healthy living, nature and business are my trending topics. What about you? Do the figures above track with your internet use? Please let me know with a comment below.

Boomer viewing habits were extracted from data presented by Red Website Design here. In Financial Facts about Boomer Power, I explore the financial power of the boomer demographic. Please click the italicized title to view.

*meme- humorous video, image, or text that is shared rapidly via internet

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