Thursday, February 16, 2017

ASQ Raleigh Members Tour Caterpillar's Plant in Clayton, NC

ASQ Raleigh Members at Caterpillar Plant in Clayton NC

Last month, ASQ Raleigh members toured Caterpillar's Clayton plant where wheel loaders are assembled. The plant was an impressive example of forward-thinking and progressive manufacturing. Gone were the loud noises, gas fumes, and beeping forklifts one expects in a truck factory.

The shift hummed along quietly. Digital "scoreboards" hung from the ceiling with statistics on the day's progress towards manufacturing goals. Work stations were ergonomically arranged to the worker's height to avoid muscle strains. Because the truck body moves along the assembly line on an electric track there are little or no fumes in the building. Promotions for safety and quality were abundant in the tidy work areas. The line is paused for quality meetings where all employees attend.

Headsets dialed into our tour guide's voice allowed clear communication. I've attended tours where it was difficult to hear the guide over machinery.

The Clayton facility was re-purposed years ago from a circuit board manufacturing plant. In our throwaway society, it is commendable anytime manufacturing recycles a facility. This location also boasts test tracks and an engineering center.

ASQ Raleigh very much appreciates the time and energy extended by the visitor care team at Caterpillar.

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  1. What did you do as Eventbrite Coordinator and Social Media Manager to promote this tour to your members? Sometimes, we struggle with getting the word out.
    Thanks in advance
    Robin Woolmer
    ASQ Vancouver

  2. Hi, Robin, thanks for your comments. We promote chapter events in our monthly newsletter, on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. A mass mailing to our members is probably the most effective communication.


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