Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Corporate Communication: 5 Keys to Success

For November's Influential Voices blog topic, Dr. Suresh Gettala of ASQ India, has written Talking To the C-Suite About Quality. He offers 5 helpful approaches in communication with the C-Suite. They are summarized below. Please refer to the full article (link above) for details.

C-Suite is a term for the corporate leaders in an organization.
 The "C" refers to Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial
 Officer, Chief Executive Officer, etc.

1. Link short term changes to long term success.

2. Explain with numbers.

3. Show financial impact.

4. Tell a story with examples.

5. Seek to improve quality company-wide (not just products and services).

As with any presentation, a quality discussion with the C-Suite should be tailored for that audience. Using the 5 tips above will help ensure successful communication.

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