Sunday, March 16, 2014

Twitter School: 7 Fun Facts

1. Twitter has a powerful search engine. Try researching a topic, company, or individual.

2. Tweets are collected by the Library of Congress.

3. To “like” a tweet, click favorite.

4. Best practices recommend no more than 2 hashtags per tweet. A hashtag # before a word designates it a topic or keyword so the tweet will come up in a search of that word. 

5. Use a URL shortener to reduce the character count when you include hyperlinks in a tweet. Tweets are limited to 140 characters.

6. Are your incoming tweets overwhelming? Organize them into lists. Instead of following, add the person or organization to a list that you’ve created. At your convenience, review the list for their tweets. ( "Following" means you receive copies of all the tweets sent out by that individual or organization.)

7. #FF is a twitter tradition that means ”follow Friday,” and is a recommendation to follow a tweeter which tends to be posted on a Friday.

I recently attended “Twitter School” and was eager to share helpful pointers. I hope you’ve found this information interesting. I’ll share more social media tips soon. Oh, follow me @pamschodt on Twitter, of course.

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For more information see my article Twitter School: Retweeting and Notifications.

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