Wednesday, January 8, 2014

ASQ Quality Engineer Certification: Preparing for the Exam-Time Management

Manage preparation for the certification exam like a project. The exam date is the project due date. The registration deadline is a major milestone.

Phase One is to review statistics and practice problems. Depending on your work and education background, you might be able to skip this.

Take the practice tests frequently. Time yourself so you have an idea of how quickly you can move through a test. Although I usually studied alone with no distractions, I took a couple of tests with family members in the house. This prepared me for distractions during the actual test.

When I first started taking these tests, I was discouraged by how slowly I worked through unfamiliar calculations. My speed improved gradually. I compared building up my test-taking speed to an athlete training for an event. As you approach the registration deadline, assess your speed. If you're comfortable with your progress, sign up and make the commitment to take the exam.

Phase Two is to review quality engineer principles and solidify your quality engineer mindset. I used questions from the practice tests to guide this phase of my studies.

About 3 weeks before the exam start taking a practice test every other day. This builds your confidence and speed in tackling calculations. Because youre rotating the same 4 practice tests, some of your speed improvement is due to familiarity. You will probably not see any of the exact questions from practice on the actual exam.

The day before the exam, give your brain a break. Arrive at the test facility refreshed and ready to tackle 160 questions.

In review, Phase One is to study statistics and familiarize yourself with practice tests.

After registering for the exam, Phase Two is a study of more specific quality engineering principles and building speed by frequent test taking.

Good luck!

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